Member Benefits

At USG, we know the value of keeping Vending, Office Coffee Services, Micro Markets, Convenience Stores and Food Service companies independent. Earning rebates is easier than ever utilizing technology with real-time data feeds and cutting-edge tools.

Members gain access to USG’s online ordering system SuperBuy! Here you’ll earn Bonus Rebate dollars through our virtual distributor site, browse our promotions, take advantage of PowerBuys and place orders.

Our Blog

Our Blog is updated daily to keep members informed. You’ll never miss any communications on new programs, exciting SuperBuy deals, company events and other industry news.

Program Guide

Program transparency is essential to the Co-op’s credibility with member relationships. At all times, members have access to over 450 incredible program pages using our online Program Guide.

Program Guide

Program Performance

Program Performance is a high-tech software program that displays your program requirements with live performance analytics. It’s the perfect tool for monitoring your progress, achieving goals and maximizing your rebates!

Rebate Tracker

Need an explanation of your rebate? Check out Rebate Tracker. USG provides a granular breakdown of your purchases and rebates earned with this powerful tool.

Rebate Tracker

Introducing our Pepsi Partners portal! The exciting new portal allows you to place orders and view product inventories through Pepsi Partners while still earning USG rebates!